School of Pharmacy

Five School of Pharmacy trainees earn honors from the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers earn the 2022 Presidential Trainee Award

Map of protein systems reveals new targets for cancer treatment

Scientists at the UCSF Quantitative Biosciences institute developed a new approach for understanding cancer and applied it to breast cancer and cancers of the neck and head

Innate Immune Regulatory Circuits and Viral Antagonism: a QBI online seminar with Michaela Gack

The QBI and Gladstone Institute Infectious Disease and Human Health Seminar Series present Michaela Gack, PhD, Scientific Director and Chair of the Cleveland Clinic at the Florida Research and Innovation Center. Dr. Gack’s research focuses on understanding how the intricate interplay between...

Metal Complexes as Diagnostics and Therapeutics: a QBI online seminar with Gilles Gasser

The QBI Online Seminar Series presents Gilles Gasser, a professor at Qlife|PSL University, Chimie ParisTech. Dr. Gasser has a MSc. and PhD in chemistry from the University of Neuchâtel.

Reshaping Science and Health by Collaborating Between Borders and Disciplines

QBI and the Scientific Department of the Embassy of France in the United States present Reshaping Science and Health by Collaborating Between Borders and Disciplines, a science fair that will take place virtually from Tuesday, November 30 to Friday, December 3, 2021.

2021 UCSF climate survey deadline approaches

The deadline for completing the 2021 UCSF climate survey is November 30—make sure your voice is heard.

Dean’s Apple Teaching Awards for summer 2021

The Dean's Apple Teaching Awards for summer 2021 were given to faculty and student instructors who received outstanding scores on student evaluations.

UCSF Population Health and Health Equity Scholars applications open

Assistant professors have through November 30, 2021 to apply.

Update from the Dean: A fond farewell

The dean’s final update, including a major advance in tuberculosis treatment and leading UCSF on energy-efficient freezers.

Class of 2024 proudly enters the pharmacy profession amid pandemic

The newest PharmD class kicked off its training in the field of pharmacy with orientation and the White Coat Ceremony