2023 scholarships empower PharmD students in their pursuit of excellence

With approximately 97% of PharmD students receiving financial support, student aid helps our community thrive. A combination of campus scholarships, professional school scholarships, and other need-based aid ensures that financial hardship doesn’t prevent promising students from receiving an excellent education.

Investing in students with scholarship and fellowship support enables the School to realize the unprecedented potential of biomedicine and health care—at a time when housing costs are at record highs and public investment is on the decline.

When concern about debt is alleviated by financial support, students are encouraged to pursue academic careers, primary care specialties, or care in underserved areas.

Some of our scholarship funds are supported by donations within and beyond our alumni, and others honor and memorialize alumni leaders. The list of 2023 recipients speaks to the wide range and representation of students that scholarships support.

2023 scholarships and recipients

Lisa Chun Rodondi and Kevin M. Rodondi Chancellor’s Endowed Scholarship

  • Alin Luk

Dohmen Life Science Scholarship

  • Giovanni Lara

  • Nour Khaddaj Mallat

Mark Baje Memorial Scholarship

  • David Nguyen

OptumRX/UCSHIP Scholarship in Managed Care

  • Mirna Kalayjian

Peter Ambrose Scholarship

  • Elhum (Ellie) Mehrabani

VPhA-USA Scholarship

  • Jeanne Ko

  • Mai Vy Tran

Class of 1969 Endowed Scholarship

  • Marissa Ly

Pharmacy Class of 1972 Endowed Scholarship

  • Xinying (Lisa) Wu

  • Ingrid Zhou

Roger G. Ketcham Endowed Scholarship

  • Kaitlyn Kui

  • Amelia Lao

  • Danielle Muñoz

  • Janneca Ames

  • Ryan Doan

Leon Levy and Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Diana-Lynn Garza

  • April Zhou

Edward Low and Ida Gong Low Scholarship Fund

  • Mahnoor Azfar

  • Christine Chon

  • Deanna Guan

  • Saya Hayashi

  • Zunaira Iftikhar

  • Lubna Khan

  • Michael Ouyang

  • Wilson Wu

  • Iris Xu

  • Angela Zhao

Kelly P. Hales Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Juan Gil Reynoso

  • Pachoua Lor

Sarita Wanichpan Memorial Scholarship

  • Sharyse Watanabe

School of Pharmacy Scholarship

  • Rania Ibrahim

Shirley and Richard Plotzker Endowed Scholarship

  • Mark Gutin

Admissions Scholarships

We’ve established a growing list of scholarships for newly admitted students, which can vary year to year. The following represents the permanent offerings as received by the Class of 2026:

Regents’ Scholarship

  • Balpreet Badhesha

  • Alisa Koay

  • Larissa Nguyen

  • Amenmwenghian (Amen) Obanor

Dean’s Scholarship

  • Joanna Feng

  • Janeene Yeh

  • Isela Lopez

  • Samantha Lee

In their own words

These students are eager to share the meaningful impact scholarships have on their careers and lives:

Growing up as a low-income student, money has always been a major stressor. This scholarship has helped me keep my mind on improving my clinical skills and becoming a better pharmacist.

-Diana-Lynn Garza, Leon Levy and Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

I strongly believe this scholarship is a big steppingstone in my journey to becoming a more confident and successful clinician. Not only does it help to know that I can accomplish this degree with more financial security, but I am also very grateful for all the wonderful individuals I have met throughout pharmacy school who have made me realize how many supporters I have.

-Alina Luk, Lisa Chun Rodondi and Kevin M. Rodondi Chancellor's Endowed Scholarship Fund

This scholarship not only bolsters my academic journey but also empowers me to further my knowledge and contribute positively through research, volunteer work, and mentorship to the pharmacy community.

-Ellie Mehrabani, Peter Ambrose Scholarship

I look forward to the day I graduate, start my career, and give back to this incredible UCSF community.

- Giovanni Lara, Dohmen Life Science Scholarship


School of Pharmacy, PharmD Degree Program

About the School: The UCSF School of Pharmacy aims to solve the most pressing health care problems and strives to ensure that each patient receives the safest, most effective treatments. Our discoveries seed the development of novel therapies, and our researchers consistently lead the nation in NIH funding. The School’s doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree program, with its unique emphasis on scientific thinking, prepares students to be critical thinkers and leaders in their field.

Investing in the future PharmD

Your investments in scholarships and fellowships give top PharmD students the freedom to say “yes” to a UCSF education.

“The School is so grateful to the members of our community that support future generations of pharmacists with their generous donations,” said Dean Kathy Giacomini, PhD, BSPharm. “Thanks to their partnership and willingness to invest in the future of our profession, we are able to expand opportunity and inclusivity for our students while continuing to provide exceptional learning and training.”

To learn more about applying for a scholarship, contact Assistant Director of Student Experience Julia Shefcik, MFA.

To learn more about making a gift to support student scholarships, contact [email protected], associate director of development.