2021 UCSF climate survey deadline approaches

Survey results will help shape the university’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and foster a welcoming climate for the entire community

The 2021 UCSF climate survey, which assesses campus community members’ perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), will close on November 30. Survey results will help shape UCSF’s policies on DEI and ensure that people across the university feel empowered and valued.

On October 11, all members of the university community received an email from Emma White Research with instructions on how to access the survey. Each email contains a unique link to the confidential survey. Opening the email and clicking on the link is the only way to access the survey.

To effectively represent the community, survey data must reflect the entire university population, including faculty and other academic appointees, staff, students, postdocs, fellows, and residents. These data are crucial to identifying where the university is succeeding and where improvements are needed. Without sufficient participation, survey results will be less meaningful and more likely to obscure gaps in the university’s DEI initiatives.

“We are currently at an overall response rate of 34%,” said UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD. “We need a stronger turnout. Make your voice heard and seize this opportunity to let us know how things are and are not working for you.”

Random weekly drawings will take place throughout the survey period to encourage participation. Twenty-five gift cards, valued at $50 each, will be awarded, and at the conclusion of the survey, three survey participants will be chosen at random to receive a free iPad.


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