PSPG alum Seibold appointed director of the NJH new Program in Regenerative Medicine and Genome Editing (REGEN)

The National Jewish Health (NJH) Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Genes, Environment and Health has announced the creation of a Program in Regenerative Medicine and Genome Editing (REGEN) to be directed by Max A. Seibold, PhD. The overall mission of the program will be to advance regenerative medicine approaches for understanding the etiology of, and advancing potential therapies for, lung and immunological diseases. Initially, the REGEN program will focus on the establishment of stem cell techniques, including induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derivation and experimentation at National Jewish Health. A main emphasis of the program will also be on the modification of disease genes and genetic variants in iPSCs for disease modeling and therapy. Seibold will name assistant directors for the program and engage the broader NJH community in seminars regarding the program in fall 2016.



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