Tagged: Protein Interaction Mapping

Scooter Morris, PhD

Professional Researcher

Nevan Krogan, PhD

QBI Director and Professor

As director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI), I aim to create a framework that fosters open collaboration between scientists locally, domestically, and internationally, where each group brings something unique but highly complementary to the problem. I lead our efforts to develop...

Sourav Bandyopadhyay, PhD

Associate Professor

I seek to understand, at the systems level, how biological networks within cancer cells are fundamentally different from those in normal cells. Using a variety of experimental techniques, I design new platforms for the rational application of personalized medicine and the design of combination...

Tanja Kortemme, PhD


My research seeks to invent approaches to engineer new biological functions at multiple scales, ranging from atomic details to macromolecular machines to cellular processes. By building new functions through a combination of computational design and experimental engineering, I also hope to learn...

Xiaokun Shu, PhD

Associate Professor

We apply laws of Physics and Chemistry to design tools for Biology, and use the novel tools to understand fascinating Biology and discover life-saving therapeutics.