Office of the Associate Dean

The Office of the Associate Dean is responsible for the academic advising of doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) students entering the program in 2017 and before, and for advising student organizations, on health-related student outreach activities. The office also co-coordinates the School’s education training partnership with Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences established in 1994.

The associate dean reports to the vice dean who, in turn, reports to the dean

Responsibilities include

  • Academic advising on academic concerns for PharmD students (who entered 2017 and before); making referrals to campus services as needed
  • Approving student-organized community health-related events

Areas of expertise include

  • Deep knowledge of pharmacy practice
  • Hands-on experience with curriculum and professional transformation
  • Extensive experience working with student organizations
  • Fostering leadership

Organization chart

See Org chart: Education Unit.

Associate Dean

Associate Dean and Professor
+1 415 476-9270