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School of Pharmacy

UCSF School of Pharmacy
UCSFSchool of PharmacyAcademic Programs and Admissions

Academic Programs and Admissions

The UCSF School of Pharmacy offers graduate degrees only. Both the School's Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) professional programs and PhD graduate programs are designed to train new leaders who will lead their quickly changing disciplines. Postdoctoral programs offer additional advanced and specialized training for both new clinicians and scientists alike. All of these programs are under the guidance of faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized clinicians and scientists.

PharmD professional programs

The PharmD professional program is a 4-year academic program that prepares graduates as clinical experts while offering them the option of further studies in the areas of pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical health policy and management. The school also offers:

PharmD students at UCSF are an important part of a larger body of professional students studying nursing, medicine, and dentistry.

PhD graduate programs

The School's 5 PhD programs train tomorrow's scientists in the fields of chemistry and chemical biology, biological and medical informatics, biophysics, and pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics. These graduate programs are multidisciplinary in nature and reflect the School's and UCSF's collaborative ethic in science.

The larger graduate student community at UCSF also includes PhD students in the biological, biomedical, nursing, and social and behavioral sciences.

MS program in translational medicine

The School’s Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences (BTS) co-directs the Master of Science in Translational Medicine degree program, designed to train students to apply translational research and engineering approaches to solve fundamental problems in health care delivery. The program links BTS with the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley.

Postdoctoral training

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