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400 School of Pharmacy news stories listed newest to oldest.

On this page: 2014 (16 stories), 2013 (21 stories), 2012 (47 stories), 2011 (53 stories), 2010 (53 stories), 2009 (48 stories), 2008 (28 stories), 2007 (22 stories), 2006 (45 stories), 2005 (29 stories), 2004 (19 stories), 2003 (11 stories), 2002 (8 stories).


Oct 08thumbnailBurchard study finds Latino asthma risk varies with genetic ancestry
Sep 18thumbnailBurchard commentary calls for more diversity in biomedical research
Jul 23thumbnailTejal Desai named chair of the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences
Jul 10thumbnailNapolitano selects Hawgood as next UCSF Chancellor
Jun 27thumbnailRetreat kicks off major transformation of School curriculum
Jun 25thumbnailSchool leaders, staff, students step out in support of AIDS Walk San Francisco
Jun 12thumbnailMajor Mexican genetic study uncovers basis for health differences among Latinos
Jun 11thumbnailBurlingame and Gross labs shed light on braking mechanisms in cellular signaling
May 22thumbnailLabel warnings, antibiotic measurements, cancer therapies, and smoking interventions take top honors at annual seminar
May 05thumbnailFDA launches UCSF-Stanford center for innovation in drug development, regulation
Apr 09thumbnailJames Fraser named Searle Scholar, will shine new light on protein shapeshifting
Mar 05thumbnailA MedList clinic: perspectives of a pharmacist and a student pharmacist
Feb 25thumbnailUCSF, Walgreens open pharmacy to jointly explore new models of care
Feb 12thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy leads in NIH funding for 34th year in a row
Jan 29thumbnailUCSF team wins $2.7 million for innovative project to reduce premature births
Jan 27thumbnailAnalysis finds sponsorship biases in animal studies may differ from those in clinical trials


Dec 19thumbnailSchool establishes education and research program with leading Chinese university
Nov 12thumbnailNew law could expand role of pharmacists as health care providers
Sep 30thumbnailZev Gartner receives NIH New Innovator Award to build complex human breast tissue
Aug 19thumbnailBrodowy named director of UCSF Medication Outcomes Center
Aug 14thumbnailSharon Youmans appointed vice dean of UCSF School of Pharmacy
Aug 13thumbnailNadav Ahituv study provides new insights into enhancer gene regulation
Jul 16thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy adopts broad recommendation on tobacco
Jun 26thumbnailEarly-life air pollution linked with childhood asthma in minorities
Jun 18thumbnailLisa Kroon named chair of UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy
May 22thumbnailPosters tracking beta blocker side effects, antibiotic use, blood thinner adherence take top seminar honors
Apr 26thumbnailFeature articles shine spotlight on Kidney Project
Apr 04thumbnailAmerican Museum of Natural History video features research of Esteban Burchard
Mar 21thumbnailJoseph Guglielmo named dean of UCSF School of Pharmacy
Mar 11thumbnailKathryn Phillips leads national study of benefit/risk in emergent whole genome sequencing
Mar 01thumbnailAdam Abate receives NSF CAREER award
Feb 15thumbnailRyan Hernandez awarded Sloan Research Fellowship
Feb 15thumbnailStudy finds tobacco control efforts yield huge health care savings
Feb 13thumbnailSchool to train Safeway pharmacists in smoking cessation counseling
Feb 12thumbnailLeslie Benet wins Ebert Prize
Feb 11thumbnailStudy finds Medicaid drug selection COI policies vary, may be inadequate
Jan 29thumbnailKidney Project receives two major gifts, increased Hind professorship endowment


Dec 19thumbnailNew review finds drug, device study results affected by funding source
Dec 05thumbnailMary Anne Koda-Kimble cites ongoing need for work-life balance policies
Nov 06thumbnailHelene Levens Lipton interviews Thomas Daschle about ongoing health care challenges
Oct 25thumbnailShuvo Roy inducted, honored as Rising Star by BayBio
Oct 23thumbnailStudy builds breast tissues to track how abnormal cells affect neighbors
Oct 03thumbnailArtificial kidney project receives $3 million from Goldman Foundation, NIH
Sep 28thumbnailGifts to School of Pharmacy honor former deans and their legacies
Sep 24thumbnailRadio show leads to campus invite for aspiring chef-pharmacist, age 10
Sep 14thumbnailXiaokun Shu receives NIH New Innovator Award to study protein interactions
Sep 07thumbnailStudy finds new role in cell division for well-known transport protein
Aug 31thumbnailNew ways to tackle cancer-causing virus, eye disease win CTSI funding awards
Aug 29thumbnailQ&A with UCSF student pharmacist winners of national clinical skills competition
Aug 29thumbnailConflicts of interest significantly underreported in systematic reviews of drug efficacy, safety
Aug 09thumbnailMaster of Translational Medicine program gets final UC approval
Aug 07thumbnailHome monitoring of heart failure via web-enabled bathroom scales wins award funding
Jul 23thumbnailChild’s illness fuels lab team’s search for early-life epilepsy diagnostics
Jun 12thumbnailJoseph Guglielmo named interim dean of UCSF School of Pharmacy
Jun 11thumbnailPeter Ambrose named CSHP Pharmacist of the Year
Jun 11thumbnailComputer models successfully predict drug side effects
Jun 01thumbnailSarah Nelson honored with Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award
May 24thumbnailTeaching old drugs new tricks at the Small Molecule Discovery Center: Arthritis drug could treat dysentery
May 18thumbnailThe Lancet profiles Lisa Bero’s “path of most resistance”
May 18thumbnailCancer drug dosing in kids, medication-related delirium, and battery swallowing take top honors at seminar
May 17thumbnailSelf care group supports researching non-prescription access by patients to urgent and chronic care drugs
May 14thumbnailMary Anne Koda-Kimble is honored by UCSF Medical Center
May 09thumbnailRemembering Harry W. Hind - pharmacist, inventor, leader, benefactor
May 01thumbnailArtificial kidney project led by Shuvo Roy cited at White House panel
Apr 26thumbnailCelebrating Al Burlingame’s contributions to mass spectrometry
Apr 13thumbnailNew NIH funding awarded to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 2011
Apr 13thumbnailNew NIH funding awarded to the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in 2011
Apr 13thumbnailNew NIH funding awarded to the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences in 2011
Apr 13thumbnailNew NIH funding awarded to UCSF School of Pharmacy postdoctoral fellows in 2011
Apr 13thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy’s 32nd year of top NIH funding includes many new projects
Apr 12thumbnailTejal Desai receives Dawson Biotechnology Award
Apr 09thumbnailArtificial kidney project led by Shuvo Roy chosen for accelerated FDA program
Apr 06thumbnailTina Brock becomes president of pharmacy leadership society
Apr 04thumbnailPLS chapter wins national leadership challenge grant
Apr 03thumbnailBrian Shoichet is the new director of the QB3 at UCSF
Mar 27thumbnailConan MacDougall honored for pharmacy leadership at APhA Annual Meeting
Mar 13thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy tops U.S. News survey list
Mar 02thumbnailNancy Nkansah discusses drug and alcohol interactions on Dr. Oz
Feb 22thumbnailThe HIV pharmacist: helping patients pick and stick with lifesaving drugs
Jan 24thumbnailColleagues respond to Dean Mary Anne Koda-Kimble’s retirement announcement
Jan 20thumbnailStudy finds including unpublished FDA data alters drug effectiveness outcomes
Jan 10thumbnailDean Mary Anne Koda-Kimble announces retirement
Jan 09thumbnailPartners in D program wins AACP Award for Student Community Service
Jan 04thumbnailNancy Nkansah gives key tips for preventing drug interactions on Dr. Oz


Nov 29thumbnailWilliam Soller defines the roadmap for Rx-to-OTC switches
Nov 22thumbnailComputer models to predict drug clearance by liver cells show promise
Nov 17thumbnailUCSF Robotic Pharmacy ranked “Best of What’s New” 2011 by Popular Science
Nov 10thumbnailConsortium inventing medical devices for children gets new funding
Nov 09thumbnailLisa Bero heads new WHO center studying, promoting global access to vital drugs
Nov 08thumbnailDrugs screened for effects on key transporters, risk of dangerous interactions
Oct 28thumbnailMichael Nordberg becomes associate dean, finance and administration
Oct 17thumbnailMichael Fischbach receives Packard Fellowship
Oct 12thumbnailBo Huang receives NIH New Innovator Award
Oct 11thumbnailIn-flight programming features bioartificial kidney
Oct 10thumbnailKathy Giacomini cites increasing impact of quantitative pharmacology
Oct 06thumbnailUCSF chancellor presents renewed mission, three-year goals
Sep 28thumbnailUCSF study: Drug information resources may miss parts of boxed warnings
Sep 28thumbnailAdam Abate aided by QB3’s Startup in a Box program
Sep 16thumbnailUCSF Center for Quantitative Pharmacology kicks off with 2-day Mission Bay symposium
Sep 02thumbnailLouis Cantilena new ACDRS course director
Aug 31thumbnailXiaokun Shu awarded funding for infrared fluorescent protein research
Aug 29thumbnailMichael Williams named to lead UCSF School of Pharmacy IT
Aug 29thumbnailAsthma genetics study finds new gene
Aug 09thumbnailSchool of Pharmacy biotech symposium features case histories of future pharmaceuticals
Jul 29thumbnailSoller and Stebbins discuss drug savings and safety in LA Times
Jul 27thumbnailDaniel Gray receives Krevans Award for Outstanding Dissertation
Jul 08thumbnailSarah Nelson and Marcus Ferrone explain how they are joining forces against prostate cancer
Jun 30thumbnailMichael Fischbach and Tejal Desai focus on “micro” solutions to improve health with drugs
Jun 23thumbnailShuvo Roy presents new research on artificial kidney membranes
Jun 22thumbnailMedicaid could cut costs, provide better meds, UCSF School of Pharmacy researchers find
Jun 08thumbnailPrioritizing drug label warnings called for by UCSF School of Pharmacy authors
May 26thumbnailPatrick Finley provides medication therapy management to patients with depression
May 19thumbnailPharmaceutical Chemistry postdoc job fair draws crowd
May 18thumbnailClinical pharmacy spring seminar celebrates wide-ranging research
May 05thumbnailHilary Campbell wins student pharmacist of the year award
May 04thumbnailTina Brock talks about her new role as the UCSF School of Pharmacy’s associate dean of teaching and learning
May 03thumbnailSearle Scholar awards go to UCSF School of Pharmacy faculty 2 years in a row
Apr 28thumbnailCalifornia Poison Control System’s emergency response role triggered by tsunami in Japan
Apr 28thumbnailTina Brock named UCSF School of Pharmacy’s associate dean of teaching and learning
Apr 28thumbnailBioartificial kidney addition wins LEGO robot design awards
Apr 26thumbnailRobotic pharmacy featured on CNN
Apr 07thumbnailDrug safety is the aim of UCSF-Optivia research partnership
Apr 01thumbnailTimothy Cutler is honored by APhA for pharmacy leadership
Apr 01thumbnailA Year in the Life of PhD Student Robin Aglietti
Mar 30thumbnailJames Wells receives the Bristol-Myers Squibb Smissman Award
Mar 30thumbnailKathy Giacomini honored by the 2011 Scheele Award
Mar 21thumbnailCalifornia Poison Control System reaches the public via social media and mobile devices
Mar 18thumbnailCalifornia Poison Control System warns against potassium iodide at this time
Mar 16thumbnailTejal Desai’s drug delivery research focus of agreement between UCSF and Zcube
Mar 07thumbnailRobotic pharmacy aims to free the pharmacist, improve medication safety
Feb 22thumbnailCharles Craik recognized as an AAAS fellow
Feb 22thumbnailLisa Bero represents The Cochrane Collaboration on the World Health Assembly
Feb 22thumbnailCDC flu vaccination campaign awards UCSF video
Jan 20thumbnailNancy Nkansah examines 5 misused over-the-counter drugs with Dr. Oz
Jan 20thumbnailMichael Fischbach explains his search for antibiotic-producing bacteria in the human gut
Jan 18thumbnailZev Gartner to lead study on the interactions of cells in breast cancer
Jan 11thumbnailNew mass spectrometer reveals human proteins in greater detail


Dec 22thumbnailReflection: 30 years of top NIH funding for UCSF School of Pharmacy
Dec 13thumbnailJennifer Murphy and Rachelle Bermingham win ASHP Clinical Skills Competition
Dec 10thumbnailSmartPlanet video features The Kidney Project
Dec 10thumbnailLogic gates allow bacteria to work like computers
Nov 18thumbnailNancy Nkansah reveals common medicine mistakes
Nov 18thumbnailShuvo Roy shares promise of bioartifical kidney
Nov 15California Poison Control System pharmacist warns pot alternative harmful
Nov 12thumbnailPaul Ortiz de Montellano named associate dean
Oct 21thumbnailHuang receives Packard Fellowship
Oct 20thumbnailGuglielmo notes steps needed for community pharmacists to expand access to health care
Oct 20Kusaka wins CSHP Student Leadership Award
Oct 14thumbnailUCSF ranked among the top globally in clinical medicine and pharmacy
Oct 14thumbnailGiacomini to receive Therapeutic Frontiers Lecture Award
Oct 12thumbnailAnimation shows bioartificial kidney in action
Oct 08thumbnailFischbach receives New Innovator Award
Sep 28thumbnailA call for pharmacists to step up
Sep 07thumbnailGiacomini to lead $15.1 million in research funding to improve the use of drugs in individuals
Sep 03thumbnailRoy unveils model of bioartificial kidney
Aug 17thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy testing new ways to better manage patients’ medications
Aug 11thumbnailKoda-Kimble honored by California State Board of Pharmacy
Aug 06thumbnailFischbach receives young investigator grant for probiotics research
Aug 03thumbnailIn memory of Olga Beyn, UCSF doctor of pharmacy student
Jul 16thumbnailPharmacy school program aims to increase pharmacists in California’s Central Valley
Jul 15thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy provides research expertise for new diabetes management program
Jul 13thumbnailScangos named CEO of Biogen Idec
Jul 08thumbnailUCSF technology used to trigger cell death becomes basis of company’s cancer therapy research and development
Jul 08thumbnailGenetic ancestry proven powerful in predicting lung function
May 13thumbnailTwo to watch
May 11thumbnailSchool of Pharmacy women highlighted for their influence in science and education
May 07thumbnailGuglielmo to receive Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award
May 04thumbnailUCSF student pharmacists win National Student Pharmacy and Therapeutics Competition
Apr 29thumbnailBenet honored for lifetime accomplishments in drug clearance research and discovery
Apr 29thumbnailGonzález Burchard comments on asthma genetics
Apr 15thumbnailFujimori unveils enzymatic process in bacteria that leads to antibiotic resistance
Apr 13thumbnailKoda-Kimble named 2010 recipient of Chalmers Educator Award
Apr 13thumbnailTsourounis comments on downer drinks
Apr 09thumbnailWells wins ASBMB-Merck Award
Apr 02thumbnailPong wins National Patient Counseling Competition
Mar 22thumbnailHessol receives Breslow Award
Mar 19thumbnailNew services launched by California Poison Control System
Mar 19thumbnailNew model of student-pharmacist-led interdisciplinary teaching succeeds
Mar 19thumbnailDill receives UCSF Academic Senate Faculty Research Lectureship
Mar 08thumbnailKoda-Kimble to receive pharmacy’s highest honor
Feb 19thumbnailSmall Molecule Discovery Center and Genentech partner in drug discovery
Feb 17thumbnailPong wins California Patient Counseling Competition
Feb 10thumbnailStebbins and Lipton receive Boggess Award
Feb 08thumbnailStebbins named CPhA Innovative Pharmacist of the Year
Feb 08thumbnailDay inducted into CPhA Hall of Fame
Feb 03thumbnailSymposium on the future of therapeutics inaugurates new UCSF department
Jan 19thumbnailBurchard joins discussion on race and ethnicity
Jan 19thumbnailPharmacists needed in Haiti according to UCSF students
Jan 13thumbnailClinical Pharmacists Offer Medication Service to Fresno Community
Jan 07thumbnailShoichet Research One of top Breakthroughs for 2009


Dec 16thumbnailWells Uses Small Molecules to Trigger Cell Death
Dec 15thumbnailMethod to Predict Polypharmacology Developed in Shoichet Lab
Dec 11thumbnailCalifornia Poison Control System Receives Funding Through June 2010
Dec 07thumbnailLipton Argues for Pharmacists in the Medical Home
Dec 07thumbnailUCSF Innovation Among Top 10 for 2009
Nov 02thumbnailCraik to Lead Takeda-sponsored Research on Antibodies
Oct 16thumbnailStudy Identifies Lack of Information about HER2 Testing Practices
Oct 16thumbnailKroetz Discusses Pharmacogenomics on KQED 'Quest' Radio
Oct 15thumbnailUCSF Researchers Join Consortium to Target Cancer in New Ways
Oct 14thumbnailVoigt Lab Programs Bacteria to Perform Increasingly Complicated Tasks
Sep 30thumbnailBero Serves on IOM Committee that Reports on Conflict of Interest
Sep 18thumbnailAssemi Named Assistant Dean of Accreditation and Quality Improvement
Sep 08thumbnailKishi Named Associate Dean of Student and Curricular Affairs
Sep 03thumbnailTwo Circuits Found Responsible for a Cell's Ability to Adapt
Aug 18thumbnailNew Drug Targeted for Kaposi's Sarcoma
Aug 03thumbnailKoda-Kimble Shares Her Story
Jul 29thumbnailVoigt and Tabor Talk Synthetic Biology on TV
Jul 29thumbnailMedication Management Needs of Fresno Now Met by New Service
Jul 13thumbnailScientists Explain How They Are Making Therapeutics "Intelligent"
Jul 13thumbnailApollonio Receives Best Article Prize
Jul 13thumbnailDesai Receives Emerging Scholar Award
Jul 07thumbnailSoller Comments on Acetaminophen
Jul 07thumbnailCalifornia Poison Control System Layoff Notices Predicted
Jun 30thumbnailFate of California Poison Control System Watched Nationwide
Jun 25thumbnailTsourounis Selected to Participate in International Dietary Supplement Course
Jun 25thumbnailDeans Call for Changes in PharmD Accreditation
Jun 25thumbnailImpending Close of California's Poison Control System Highlighted on Public Radio
Jun 22thumbnailHessol Honored for Public Service
Jun 22thumbnailBurchard Elected to ASCI
Jun 22thumbnailYi Receives Award for GLBT Leadership
Jun 02thumbnailProtein Found that Regulates Glucose in Humans, Not in Mice
May 20thumbnailGovernor Eliminates California's Poison Control Service
May 08thumbnailApplying Pharmacy School Training to Blindness Prevention in India
May 08thumbnailHertema Honored with Service Award
May 08thumbnailUCSF Welcomes New Chancellor
May 05thumbnailImaging Lab Translates Work to Patient Care
Apr 27thumbnailNew Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences
Apr 22thumbnailStudy Reveals How to Make Gasoline from Yeast and Bacterium
Apr 09thumbnailSali to Lead QB3 at UCSF
Apr 07thumbnailBero's UCSF History of Mentorship Recognized with Luft and Academic Senate Awards
Apr 07thumbnailMacDougall Selected for Teaching Award
Mar 31thumbnailGiacomini and Peck Honored with ASCPT Awards
Mar 05UCSF Helps Faculty Seek Federal Stimulus Funds
Feb 23thumbnailNew Associate Deans Focus on Global Affairs and Industry Partnerships
Feb 23thumbnailWinter Named UCSF Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year
Feb 12thumbnailUCSF Helps Launch Chinese Course on Drug Development
Feb 09thumbnailPharmacogenomics Research Spans School Agenda
Jan 15thumbnailUCSF Student Pharmacist Becomes Agent of Change


Dec 17thumbnailElmore and Clemens Win 2008 Clinical Skills Competition
Dec 15thumbnailBenet Receives Magic Bullet Lifetime Achievement Award
Dec 15thumbnailKroetz Elected Fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
Dec 08thumbnailWells Notes Need for Academia in Drug Discovery Research and Advocacy
Dec 08thumbnailDrug Development Course Teaches Professionals to See Bigger Picture
Dec 08thumbnailBero and Team Reveal Incomplete Reporting of Clinical Drug Trial Data
Oct 15thumbnailAdvocates Needed for Basic Science Research
Oct 13thumbnail Phillips Awarded US$5 Million NCI Grant to Study Personalized Medicine
Sep 22thumbnailUCSF Graduate Student among First-place Winners of STEP White Paper Competition 2008
Aug 27thumbnailDrug Access in the Home Tied to Drug Use by Teens
Aug 15thumbnailPredicting Protein Shape: the Next Research Challenge
Jul 25thumbnailTop-ranked UCSF School of Pharmacy Challenged to Retain Accreditation under Outdated State Funding Model
Jul 25thumbnailUCSF Pharmacy Faculty Advocate for Legislation Banning Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies
Jul 25thumbnailBero Listed Among 100 Unbiased Advisors
Jul 16thumbnailMalawi Research Journal: Blog from Sharon Youmans, PharmD, MPH
Jul 16thumbnailBero Comments on Corporate Funding and Academic Research
May 15thumbnailShoichet Sheds Light on Enzyme Actions
May 01thumbnailDill Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Apr 21thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy #1 in Research Funding, 29th Year
Apr 02thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy Ranks #1
Apr 01thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy Sets 5-year Plan in Motion
Mar 19thumbnailMedication Therapy Management In and Out of the Doctor's Office
Mar 18thumbnailKoda-Kimble, Day, Yokoyama, Academy of Student Pharmacists, and Former Pharmacy Students Recognized at 2008 Annual APhA Meeting
Mar 03thumbnailWells to Chair UCSF Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Feb 19thumbnailYoumans Named First Associate Dean of Diversity
Jan 31thumbnailUse of Amyloid Inhibitors Cautioned
Jan 23thumbnail Threat of Drug-Resistant MRSA Increasing
Jan 11thumbnailSali and Colleagues Advance Understanding of Proteins


Dec 14thumbnail Kroetz Uses Pharmacogenetics to Determine the Best Treatment Options for Leukemia Patients
Dec 12thumbnailWilson Looks at the Economics of Health
Nov 21thumbnailBurchard Explores Asthma Risk in Latinos
Oct 31thumbnailUCSF Student Pharmacists Teach Science to 5th-Graders
Oct 25thumbnailBenet Delivers Distinguished Lecture
Oct 24thumbnailFerrin Uses Computation and Computers to Understand Molecules
Oct 23thumbnailAhituv Asks Why Some DNA is Ultraconserved
Oct 23thumbnailKoda-Kimble Honored with Paul F. Parker Award
Sep 11thumbnailNature Lists Shoichet Article Among Top 10
Jul 20Scientists Reveal Enzyme's Function by Its Structure
Jul 03thumbnailVoigt and Synthetic Biology: Art Meets Calculus
Jun 22California Poison Control System Wins Award for Marketing
Jun 22Muscle-soothing Creams Should Be Used with Caution
Jun 11Industry-sponsored Research More Likely to Favor Drug Than Placebo
Jun 11Dill and Bradford Shed Light on Evolution
May 01thumbnailAntimicrobial Drug Management Program Succeeds Through Teamwork
Apr 17Inaugural Legislative Day
Apr 02James Comments on University Science and Drug Discovery
Apr 02Burlingame Talks About Mass Spectrometry and its Potential
Jan 25SOS Center Accepting Inaugural Proposals
Jan 22Tech-Check-Tech Becomes Law
Jan 22thumbnailJere Goyan, Former UCSF Dean, Dies


Dec 11thumbnailMedicare Part D Outreach Funded by Amgen Foundation
Dec 06Calls About the Abuse of Cold Medicines Increase Tenfold in California
Nov 20thumbnailLee Appointed New Director of CDDS
Nov 15thumbnailTang Talks About a Turning Point in Science
Nov 01thumbnailWells Looks for New Ways to Fill the Drug Discovery Pipeline
Nov 01thumbnailDill Speaks to Science Funding and Approach
Oct 30thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy #1 Among Peers
Oct 24Funding Scarce for Deep Innovation in Science
Oct 13thumbnailGiacomini Elected to IOM
Oct 13thumbnailLi Foundation Funds Chinese Scholars to Study Systems Biology at UCSF
Oct 11School #1 in NIH Funding, 26th Year
Oct 05thumbnailGuo Research Key to Nobel Prize
Sep 27thumbnailDoetsch Reflects on International Science
Sep 21Gibson Receives Chauncey I. Cooper Award
Sep 19thumbnailHale Named MacArthur Fellow
Sep 15thumbnailDill Named for Distinguished Service by Biophysical Society
Aug 28thumbnailMarletta Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
Aug 25UCSF Ranks 9th Among Top Global Universities
Aug 23Communication Is Key to Medication Adherence
Aug 22thumbnailGenotyping Could Lead to Stereotyping
Aug 18thumbnailMedicare Part D Coverage Gap Can Be a Black Hole for Some Seniors
Aug 15thumbnailEngland Receives McKnight Endowment Award
Aug 15thumbnailInaba Named First Fellow of Haight Ashbury Free Clinics
Aug 08thumbnailKnow Your Cholesterol Numbers When Considering a Drug
Aug 08thumbnailPlan B Under Review Again by the FDA
Aug 08thumbnailResearch Bias Shown to Be Complicated
Aug 08thumbnailPart D Insurers Eye the Bottom Line
Jul 06thumbnailVoigt Pioneers Field of Synthetic Biology
Jul 06Ortiz de Montellano, Voigt, and Wells Recognized for Their Science
May 23Pharmacists Are Key to Medicare Part D Education and Outreach
May 23Medicare Part D Could Work if Pharmacists Recognized and Reimbursed
May 09thumbnailMedicare Part D Explained on Spanish-language TV
May 02thumbnailUCSF Pharmacy Students Explain Medicare Part D To Seniors in 5 Languages
Apr 14Medication Safety Could Improve with Changes to Pharmacy Education
Mar 23thumbnailPharmacy Students Win National Award for Medicare Part D Outreach
Mar 22Day and Gibson Receive APhA Honors at 2006 Annual Meeting
Mar 17Pharmacists Fear Threat to Business Posed by Medicare Part D
Feb 14thumbnailPharmacists Can Clarify Medicare Part D Confusion, Expert Says
Feb 10thumbnailSoller Receives Golden Thinker Award
Jan 26thumbnailGuglielmo Named Chair of Clinical Pharmacy Department
Jan 20thumbnailProblems with Medicare Part D Rollout Explained
Jan 09thumbnailNational Quality Coordination Board Supported by Koda-Kimble and UC Colleagues
Jan 05thumbnailGHB Use Down Overall
Jan 04thumbnailGibson Awarded Remington Medal
Jan 04thumbnailMemory-making Molecules Now Better Understood


Dec 08Antivirals and the Avian Flu
Dec 08thumbnailUCSF Ranks #1 in Chemical Research and Development Funding
Dec 07Systems Biology Doctoral Program Funded
Dec 07thumbnailBacteria Engineered to Produce Images
Nov 18thumbnailVietnamese and US Partners Sign Pharmacy Agreement
Nov 15Systems Biology Center Connects UC and Peking University
Nov 01thumbnailRobert Langridge Named Innovator of Our Time
Oct 28Pharmacy Track Opens Door to Fulbright Fellowship and Research in Africa
Oct 11New Thin Strip Format for Medicines Requires Consumer Vigilance
Oct 05Medicare Part D Workshop Offered November 12, 2005
Sep 14Physician-focused Strategy to Cut Drug Costs Failing
Jul 28thumbnailIndustry Data Should Be Shared
Jul 19thumbnailGiacomini Receives Dawson Award
Jul 19Yang Named Clinical Research Scholar
Jun 27thumbnailWells Joins UCSF as First Hind Professor
Jun 24UCSF School of Pharmacy Tops NIH Funding
Apr 28Herbals and Dietary Supplements: What Consumers Need to Know
Apr 28thumbnailPharmacy Students Study Ethics of Conscience Clauses
Apr 22thumbnailPharmacy Students Share Views on Conscience Clauses
Apr 20thumbnailHigh School Students Learn Firsthand About Pharmacy in California Central Valley
Apr 19thumbnailPharmacy and Law Students Debate Conscience Clauses
Apr 06thumbnailKortemme Named Sloan Fellow
Apr 05thumbnailUCSF School of Pharmacy Ranks #1
Mar 22thumbnailKoda-Kimble Reelected to USP Board of Trustees
Mar 16thumbnailUCSF Experts Warn Against Cholesterol Quick Fix with Statins
Mar 11thumbnailVoigt Named Sloan Fellow
Mar 07thumbnailCenter for Drug Development Science Joins School
Jan 19thumbnailGiacomini Named to National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council
Jan 19IOM Calls for Action on Complementary and Alternative Medicines


Dec 17thumbnailClinical Pharmacists Specialize in AIDS
Dec 17thumbnailPharmacist Combats AIDS in Malawi
Dec 17thumbnailHanoi Summit on Pharmacists and AIDS
Dec 03thumbnailQuestion Your Prescription
Nov 05Systems Biology Changes Approach to Science Questions
Nov 05Students Consider Pros and Cons of Conscience Clauses
Aug 11thumbnailVogt Named First Presidential Chair
Jul 12thumbnailMexican Pharmacist Restarts Career
Jul 12thumbnailStudents Study Global Pharmacy Practices
Jul 12thumbnailGiacomini and Benet Honored by International Peers
May 18Pharmacy Students Receive National Awards
May 05Hoener Honored with Distinction in Teaching Award
May 05Depression Rx: Involve More Pharmacists
Apr 01thumbnailKoda-Kimble Receives Rho Chi Award
Mar 09thumbnailJacobson Receives Sloan Fellowship
Mar 09thumbnailSystems Biology Reshapes Science
Feb 19Brian K. Shoichet Cited by Thomson ISI for Hot Paper
Feb 19Carl Lovotti Leaves More Than US$6 Million to School
Jan 05Five Pharmacy Women at Mission Bay


Dec 29thumbnailLeslie Z. Benet Named Thomson ISI Highly Cited Researcher
Nov 12R. William Soller Appointed as Executive Director for Consumer Self Care Center
Oct 29Is California Prepared for a Public Health Emergency?
Aug 29thumbnailWinter Named Pharmacist of the Year
Jul 09thumbnailHinds Establish Pharmacy's First Distinguished Professorship
Apr 04Kuntz Receives Volwiler Award
Mar 06WHO Plan for Global Tobacco Control Contested by US
Mar 06Ban Voted on Tobacco Industry Funds
Jan 02RNA Model Studies Could Lead to Drugs that Halt HIV Replication
Jan 02Tobacco Industry Cover-up of 1981 Passive Smoke Study Revealed
Jan 02Follow-up Care Proves Valuable, Studies Show


Oct 07School Ranks #1
Oct 02Overused Antibiotics Fueling Microbe Resistance
Oct 02Women of Science Make Fall 2002 Move to Mission Bay
Aug 29Health Care Providers to Receive Smoking Cessation Training
Aug 29Tobacco Firms Weaken Market for Anti-Smoking Products
Jul 02School Responds to Pharmacist Shortage
Mar 25Pharmacist Serves Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community
Mar 15Dean Honored with Practice Excellence Award

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