Below is the timeline for Leading Change: Strategic Course 2015–2020.




Develop strategic plan aims and planning process

July–September 2013

Establish faculty work groups to “think big” and develop suggested areas of exploration for the entire faculty to discuss

October–November 2013

Work Groups

  • Research
  • Education
  • Patient Care

Faculty Retreat

Hold faculty retreat at which work groups present summaries for faculty reaction and discussion

January 2014

Faculty Retreat Attendees

  • Paid Faculty
  • Associate and Assistant Deans
  • Administrative Leaders
  • Development and Alumni Affairs Director, School of Pharmacy

Summarize retreat; present summary to Leadership Group for discussion

January 2014

Develop and discuss first drafts of revised mission and strategic plan themes

April 2014

Discuss strategic plan themes and goals with faculties of each department and develop concrete objectives using template; review mission

May 2014

Present revised mission for faculty discussion at full faculty meeting; vote; subsequent post-meeting discussion calls for further consideration of mission wording

June 2014

Develop a cohesive draft strategic plan

May–June 2014

Solicit faculty feedback on the draft cohesive strategic plan, including themes, goals, and objectives; mission

June–July 2014

Based on faculty feedback, continue refining strategic plan themes, goals, and objectives; mission

August–October 2014


Solicit feedback on current draft of strategic plan from Phase 1 reviewers

November–December 2014

Reviewers, Phase 1

  • Paid Faculty
  • Clinical Preceptors
  • PharmD Student Leadership Group
  • Staff
  • Pharmacy Alumni Association Board

Discuss re-revised mission, sent in advance for review, at full faculty meeting; vote; re-revision accepted

January 2015

Develop strategic plan introduction, include feedback from Phase 1 reviewers

January 2015

Solicit feedback on current draft of strategic plan from Phase 2 reviewers

Early–Late February 2015

(due February 17 and 26)

Reviewers, Phase 2

Include feedback from Phase 2 reviewers, edit and proofread long and short versions

Late February 2015

Post still-draft strategic plan to School website

Early April 2015

Faculty vote on plan by email; accept as final

April 23-May 4, 2015; May 4, 2015

  • Faculty

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