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UCSF School of Pharmacy
UCSFSchool of PharmacyAbout the SchoolPlansPressing Ahead in New Directions: Strategic Course 2007-2012

Pressing Ahead in New Directions: Strategic Course 2007-2012

Planning process and references


Input to the plan


Many people are involved in planning the School's strategic course for 2007-2012.


The UCSF School of Pharmacy has excelled in accomplishing its goals during this strategic plan cycle. Learn about some of the major milestones we reached.

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Contact information

Dean B. Joseph Guglielmo

521 Parnassus Avenue
UCSF Box 0622, Room C-156
San Francisco, CA 94143 USA

tel: 415/476-1225
fax: 415/476-6632

Associate Dean Susan Levings

3333 California Street
UCSF Box 0613, Room 420R
San Francisco, CA 94118 USA

tel: 415/502-8283
fax: 415/502-0792

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