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The UCSF School of Pharmacy operates within a classic academic administrative model in which the academic and administrative leaders report to the dean. The Dean’s Leadership Group is an internal advisory group that meets monthly to explore issues and opportunities facing the School and to advise the dean on direction.

The dean reports directly to the UCSF chancellor, who reports to the UC president who is accountable to the Regents of the University of California.

Dean's Office administration org chart

Organization chart

Organization chart

August 1, 2014
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  • B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD

Vice Dean

  • Sharon Youmans, PharmD, MPH

Department chairs

  • Tejal Desai, PhD
  • Lisa A. Kroon, PharmD, CDE
  • James A. Wells, PhD

Associate deans

  • Mitra Assemi, PharmD
  • Tina Brock, BPharm, MS, EdD
  • Thomas Kearney, PharmD, DABAT
  • Donald T. Kishi, PharmD
  • Susan Levings, MS
  • Michael S. Nordberg, MPA/HSA
  • Paul Ortiz de Montellano, PhD
  • Daniel Santi, MD, PhD
  • Daniel L. Wandres, PharmD
  • Cynthia B. Watchmaker, MEd, MBA

Assistant deans

  • Donna Dare, PharmD
  • John Grubbs, MS, MBA, RPh
  • Stuart Heard, PharmD, FCSHP
  • Jane M. Hodding, PharmD
  • Rita Shane, PharmD
  • J. David Woods, PharmD

Executive assistant to the dean

  • Susan Abby

Director of experiential programs

  • Unfilled

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