Financial Aid

All students in the UCSF PharmD/PhD combined degree program will receive a stipend while completing the PhD requirements. All PhD students receive financial support at a standardized level (US$27,000 a year stipend for 2009-2010); all fees are paid by the Program as well (US$11,640 a year for the 2009-2010 academic year).

Graduate student fees will be paid for by the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics PhD program, and students will receive a stipend for research conducted during the summer. A full-time stipend will begin when the combined degree program student becomes a full-time graduate student, approximately the spring quarter of the fourth year of the PharmD program.

An exception will be made for students who fulfill a portion of their teaching assistant requirements while still in the PharmD program. They will get a stipend for each quarter they are a teaching assistant.

The stipend will be consistent with the School of Pharmacy Graduate Studies Policy.

Once enrolled in the PhD program, students are discouraged from outside employment, which could affect their completion of program requirements in a timely manner.