PharmD to PhD Career Path

If you are a highly motivated and well-qualified UCSF pharmacy student who is interested in pursuing research education and training, consider earning a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics (PSPG) from the UCSF Graduate Division after earning your PharmD.

If this career path is right for you, you’ll:

  • Apply to the PSPG PhD program—through the UCSF Graduate Division—while you’re enrolled in the PharmD program.
  • Be assured—if you are accepted—that the UCSF Graduate Division will hold a spot open for you in the PSPG PhD program. (The Graduate Division will send you an official letter of intent to confirm the reservation of your spot.)
  • Enter the PSPG PhD program after you graduate with your PharmD.
  • Complete your PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics.

If you are accepted into the PSPG PhD program, your agreement to enter the program is not binding to you as a PharmD student, but reservation of your spot in the program is binding to the Graduate Division and the PSPG program.

There is a pressing need to translate basic science research into clinical application. This career path meets that need efficiently and within a unique university that is devoted solely to the health sciences, including the core functions of both discovery and patient care.