School Brand Guidelines

What do you think of when you hear UCSF School of Pharmacy?

That thought, or impression, is the School’s brand. It’s expressed through a visual identity of specific colors, logos, typography, and graphic design, as examples. It’s also expressed through specific words and phrases known as positioning and messaging.

The School supports and follows the UCSF Brand Guidelines for both.

We further differentiate the School by applying an additional layer of positioning and messaging unique to the School and to our doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree program.

Positioning and Messaging Guide

messaging guide cover

PDF, 56 pages, 192KB
PDF iconPositioning and Messaging Guide: UCSF School of Pharmacy

Positioning statements


At the UCSF School of Pharmacy, science is at the heart of our pioneering research, education, and patient care.

PharmD Degree Program

The UCSF PharmD is a multifaceted and compassionate leader in pharmacy, with a scientific mindset and a limitless future.