Board of Advisors 2003–2004

This is the roster for the Board of Advisors at the UCSF School of Pharmacy for 2003–2004.

Mary Anne Koda-Kimble, PharmD
Professor and Dean
UCSF School of Pharmacy
San Francisco, CA

Alice E. Till, PhD
Chair, Board of Advisors
Vice President, Science Policy and Technical Affairs
Washington, DC

Lorie G. Rice, MPH
Administrator, Board of Advisors
Associate Dean, External Affairs
UCSF School of Pharmacy
San Francisco, CA

Board members

Victoria Au, MS
ProActive Learning Ltd.
Hong Kong

Bruce Bodaken, MA
Chairman, President and CEO
Blue Shield of California
San Francisco, CA

Bret Brodowy, PharmD
Product Line Director
Misys Health Care Systems
Moraga, CA

Philip P. Burgess, RPh, MBA
National Director of Pharmacy Affairs
Walgreen Co.
Deerfield, IL

Albert L. Carver, RPh
Vice President, Pharmacy Strategy and Operations
Kaiser Permanente
Downey, CA

Gary W. Cleary, PhD
President and Chief Technical Officer
Corium International, Inc.
Redwood City, CA

David J. Fong
Senior Vice President
Longs Drug Stores
Walnut Creek, CA

Eric T. Herfindal, PharmD, MPH
President and CEO
National Oncology Alliance, Inc.
San Rafael, CA

Nancy U. Kamei, PharmD
Kentfield, CA

Michael D. Maves, MD, MBA
Executive Vice President and CEO
American Medical Association
Chicago, IL

Garry E. Menzel, PhD, MBA
Managing Director and Head of Global Biotechnology, Investment Banking
Goldman Sachs
Tiburon, CA

Richard P. Penna
Knoxville, MD

Michael L. Ryan, PharmD
Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Accounts
Amgen Inc.
Thousand Oaks, CA

Daniel V. Santi, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Kosan Biosciences
Hayward, CA

George A. Scangos, PhD
President and CEO
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA

Marilyn Standifer Shreve
Director, National Accounts
Clinical Programs/eHealth
Astra Zeneca
Kentfield, CA

Catherine Angell Sohn, PharmD
Vice President and Director
Worldwide Business Development
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Philadelphia, PA

Linda Suydam, DPA
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Washington, DC

Frederick W. Telling, PhD
Vice President, Corporate Strategy
Pfizer, Inc.
New York, NY

Raymond J. Townsend, PharmD
RJ Townsend and Co.
Park City, UT

Donna J. Walker, BS, MBA
The Pulido-Walker Foundation
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Roger L. Williams, MD
Executive Vice President and CEO
U.S. Pharmacopeia
Rockville, MD

Ex-Officio Members

Robert L. Day, PharmD
Associate Dean
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Ken A. Dill, PhD
Associate Dean, Research
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Robert M. Duca, MBA
Associate Dean, Administration and Finance
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Kathy M. Giacomini, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Thomas L. James, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Susan M. Levings, MS
Associate Dean, Planning and Communications
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Marie Parfitt Pattie
Director of Development and Alumni Relations, School of Pharmacy
Office of University Development and Alumni Relations

Lloyd Y. Young, PharmD
Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical Pharmacy
UCSF School of Pharmacy