Board of Overseers 1998-1999

This is the roster for the Board of Overseers at the UCSF School of Pharmacy for 1998-1999.

George L. Kenyon, PhD
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Alice E. Till, PhD
Chair, Board of Overseers
Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Lorie G. Rice, MPH
Administrator, Board of Overseers
Associate Dean, External Affairs
UCSF School of Pharmacy

Board members

Bruce Bodaken, MA
President and COO
Blue Shield of California

James D. Cope
Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association

Joseph Criscione

David J. Fong, PharmD
Senior Vice President
Longs Drug Stores

Richard D. Johnson, PharmD, PhD
Pharmaceutical Consultant
KC Pharma, LLC

Robert C. Johnson
R.C. Johnson & Associates

Nancy U. Kamei, PharmD
Investment Analyst
Capital Guardian Research Company

Mary Anne Koda-Kimble, PharmD
Chair and Longs Chair, Department of Clinical Pharmacy
UCSF School of Pharmacy

John W. Kozarich, PhD
Vice President, Biochemistry
Merck Research Laboratories

Russell Kwok, PhD
Former General Manager
Wing On Department Stores, (HK) Ltd.

Gary Mangiofico, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Services
Apria Healthcare Group, Inc.

Ernest Mario, PhD
Co-Chairman and CEO
ALZA Corporation

Richard P. Penna, PharmD
Executive Vice President

Lorie G. Rice, MPH
Associate Dean, External Affairs
UCSF School of Pharmacy

George Scangos, PhD
President and CEO
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Marilyn Standifer Shreve, RPh
Account Leader, Trade Development - Western U.S.
Astra Merck, Inc.

Catherine A. Sohn, PharmD
Vice President and Director, Worldwide Strategic Product Development
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

Raymond J. Townsend, PharmD
Worldwide Director and Vice President
Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology and Policy Research
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

Donna J. Walker, BS, MBA
The Pulido-Walker Foundation

Brad A. Wong
Assistant Vice President
UCSF Foundation

John S. Young, PharmD
Vice President, Pharmacy Services
Payless-Thrifty Drugstores, Inc.