Leadership Group

Below is the leadership group in 2007 at the time that Pressing Ahead in New Directions: Strategic Course 2007-2012 was written.

The dean's leadership group meets monthly to explore issues and opportunities facing the School and to advise the dean on direction.

  • Brian Alldredge, PharmD
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Robert L. Day, PharmD
    Associate Dean
  • Ken A. Dill, PhD
    Associate Dean, Research
  • Robert M. Duca, MBA
    Associate Dean, Administration and Finance
  • Kathy M. Giacomini, PhD
    Chair, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
  • B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD
    Chair, Department of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Thomas L. James, PhD
    Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Susan M. Levings, MS
    Associate Dean, Planning and Communications

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