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More than 50 people participated in interviews from May to August 2004 during the initial gathering of information for the plan.

Leadership Group

Paid Faculty

  • Lisa A. Bero, PhD
  • B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD
  • Matthew P. Jacobson, PhD
  • Tanja Kortemme, PhD
  • Lisa A. Kroon, PharmD
  • Clifton Louie, RPh, DPA
  • Andrej Sali, PhD
  • Thomas S. Scanlan, PhD
  • Brian K. Shoichet, PhD
  • Marilyn R. Stebbins, PharmD
  • David Veenstra, PharmD, PhD
  • Christopher Voigt, PhD
  • Katherine Y. Yang, PharmD

Associate and Assistant Deans

  • Christopher Cullander, PhD
  • Cynthia B. Watchmaker, MEd, MBA
  • Lorie G. Rice, MPH
  • All associate deans in the Leadership Group

Administrative Leaders

PharmD Students

The opinions of PharmD students about the School and its needs for the future were sought during 2 focus group sessions in early summer 2004. Class presidents, other leaders, and a sample of students from the general student body attended these sessions.

  • Laura Asakura

  • Stephen Aucello

  • Philip Chan

  • Jacqueline Dang

  • Jonathan Dao

  • Rick Doan

  • Moussie Hailemariam

  • Harinder Hayer

  • Lillie Huynh

  • Eric Ip

  • Terence Kiang

  • Josephine Lai

  • Ila Maewal

  • Tiffany Moriwaki

  • Viet-Huong Nguyen

  • Farid Sheikh

  • Deanna Spounias

  • Kenyu Tan

  • Bernadine Wong

  • Carolyn Woo

  • Dan Zlott

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