Goal 2: Ensure that more patients get the best results from their medications

Make the promise of personalized medicine a reality

Discover genetic factors that affect drug response; apply pharmacogenomics knowledge to patient care and improved clinical trial design


  • Identified ethnic-specific alleles that modify response to anti-asthmatic drugs.
  • Identified genetic variants that associate with reduced response to anti-diabetes drugs and toxicities in anti-cancer drugs.

Find new ways for pharmacists to help patients make the best use of medicines

Design and validate new pharmacy practice models; extend new pharmacy practice models across the continuum of care; create new ways for pharmacists to improve the health of patients on complex drug therapies


  • Established research-based, innovative pharmacy care models in ambulatory and community practice settings in the areas of HIV, chronic diseases (such as diabetes and asthma), pediatric oncology, and for elderly patients as they transition out of the hospital. Faculty members are providing pharmacy care in a variety of ambulatory care settings, including clinics that serve the underserved. New technological methods to provide care, such as telepharmacy, are being tested.
  • Initiated a California statewide research project focused on the Medicare Part D benefit. The program involved all California pharmacy schools and applied peer-to-peer teaching across the health disciplines, with student pharmacists leading Medicare Part D counseling sessions in the community.

Minimize medication errors and adverse events

Develop leadership in health systems pharmacy; create and test approaches in the hospital and community to curtail adverse events; evaluate risk in medication use systems and develop ways to reduce risk with technology; identify genetic variants that make individuals susceptible to adverse drug reactions


  • Created a Medication Outcomes Center to assess the value of medication-related health care interventions by conducting quality medication-related research and evidence-based medication use analyses, evaluating pharmaceutical models of care, and contributing to continuous quality improvement. The aim is to help implement value-added strategies and improve patient outcomes within the Medical Center and its affiliated institutions.
  • Partnered with the UCSF Medical Center in its successful as an NIH Center of Excellence in Pain Education. This designation is an interprofessional collaboration. School faculty pharmacists will educate health professional students about pain to achieve newly developed pain education competencies.
  • Identified genetic variants that are important determinants of paclitaxel toxicity in women with breast cancer.

Help meet the pharmacy needs of the underserved in our world

Extend pharmacy services to underserved in California; find ways to extend pharmacy care to underserved and underinsured people who might not have access to pharmacists


  • Created pharmacist-based medication therapy management services for indigent and underserved patients at a variety of settings, such as Glide Memorial Church and the Saint Anthony Free Medical Clinic.
  • Developed a pharmaceutical care clinic at San Francisco General Hospital.
  • Assisted uninsured and underinsured patients with obtaining medications through patient assistance programs and helped with Medicare Part D plan selection.
  • Established the Medication Management Service in Fresno, where a faculty pharmacist helps California Central Valley health care providers optimally select their patients' medications and helps patients increase their ability to access and manage their medications.

Steer policy that affects health sciences research and health care

Extend research on national and global health policy issues; advance understanding of health care decision making; engage stakeholders around significant health policy issues; increase leadership in national and international health and science organizations


  • Received the first major grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to launch a research center on health policy issues related to personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics, specifically related to the wider use of medical tests and treatments based on individual genetics. The NCI grant, along with foundation grants, forms the nexus of the newly established Center for Translational and Policy Research on Personalized Medicine.
  • Joined faculty colleagues campuswide in supporting the launch of the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value (CHV) and continued to participate actively in the center's many initiatives. CHV seeks to establish a new framework for delivering evidence-based, high-quality healthcare at lower cost and to develop a national model for the role of academic medicine in increasing healthcare value.

During 2007-present, the School's faculty members were honored for their leadership, receiving major awards and memberships, including:

  • Paul Parker Award, ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy), Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
  • Outstanding Dean Award, APhA (American Pharmacists Association), Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
  • Fellows, APhA, (American Pharmacists Association) Robert Day, Glenn Yokoyama, Sharon Youmans
  • Member, NAS (National Academy of Sciences), Ken Dill
  • Unbiased Medical Expert, BJM, Lisa Bero
  • Fellow, AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists), Deanna Kroetz
  • Paul Ehrlich Magic Bullet Lifetime Achievement Award, DPhG and ISAP (German Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the International Society of Anti-Infective Pharmacology), Leslie Benet
  • Rawls-Palmer Progress in Medicine Award, ASCPT (American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics), Kathy Giacomini
  • Henry Elliott Distinguished Service Award, ASCPT (American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics), Carl Peck
  • Member, ASCI (American Society of Clinical Investigation), Esteban G. Burchard
  • Emerging Scholar Award, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Tejal Desai
  • Top Ten Life Science Innovations (spatiotemporal control of cell signaling using a light-switchable protein interaction), The Scientist, Christopher Voigt, Anselm Levskaya, Wendall Lim, Orion Weiner
  • Top Scientific Breakthrough (polypharmacy prediction), Wired Science, Michael J. Keiser, Vincent Setola, John J. Irwin, Christian Laggner, Atheir I. Abbas, Sandra J. Hufeisen, Niels H. Jensen, Michael B. Kuijer, Roberto C. Matos, Thuy B. Tran, Ryan Whaley, Richard A. Glennon, Jérôme Hert, Kelan L. H. Thomas, Douglas D. Edwards, Brian K. Shoichet, Bryan L. Roth
  • Hall of Fame, CPhA (California Pharmacists Association), Robert Day
  • Jane Boggess Advancement of Pharmacy Practice Award, Pharmacy Foundation of California, Marilyn Stebbins, Helene Levens Lipton
  • California Innovative Pharmacist of the Year, CPhA (California Pharmacists Association), Marilyn Stebbins
  • ASBMB-Merck Award (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), James Wells
  • Remington Honor Medal, APhA (American Pharmacists Association), Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
  • Robert K. Chalmers Distinguished Educator Award, ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy), Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
  • Oscar B. Hunter Memorial Award in Therapeutics, ASCPT (American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics), Leslie Benet
  • New Innovator Award, NIH (National Institutes of Health), Michael Fischbach, Bo Huang, Xiaokun Shu
  • Therapeutic Frontiers Lecture Award, ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy), Kathy Giacomini
  • Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering, The Packard Foundation, Bo Huang
  • Fellow, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Charles S. Craik
  • Scheele Award, SAPS (Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Scientists), Kathy Giacomini
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Smissman Award, ACS (American Chemical Society, Division of Medicinal Chemistry), James Wells
  • The Albert B. Prescott / Glaxo SmithKline Pharmacy Leadership Awards, APhA (American Pharmacists Association), Timothy Cutler, Conan MacDougall
  • Searle Scholars (Estates of John G. and Frances C. Searle), Danica Fujimori, Bo Huang
  • Dawson Biotechnology Award, AACP (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy), Tejal Desai
  • R.T. Williams Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award, ISSX (International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics), Paul Ortiz de Montellano
  • Pharmacist of the Year, CSHP (California Society of Health-System Pharmacists), Peter Ambrose
  • BayBio Pantheon Award, BayBio, Shuvo Roy
  • Honorary Membership, FIP, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Leslie Benet
  • Dr. Rainer Hoffman Product Throught Science Award, AAPS, Francis Szoka
  • Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award, UCSF, B. Joseph Guglielmo
  • Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award, UCSF Graduate Division, Sarah Nelson