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This page lists poster templates and printing options for students at UCSF. These resources are helpful for poster sessions or poster presentations which you might encounter as part of your coursework.

Poster templates

The following Microsoft PowerPoint templates can be used to create your poster presentation:

  1. poster
    Medical poster
    , 48 × 36 inches, landscape
  2. poster with graphics
    Medical poster with graphics
    , 56 × 40 inches, landscape
  3. More choices:

Getting started

Are you new to creating poster presentations in PowerPoint? The following links can bring you up to speed quickly.

  1. Step-by-step Tutorial: What is a scientific poster?
  2. Article: Create effective posters for medical presentations
  3. Troubleshoot printing a poster, banner, or other large publication
  4. PowerPoint & Poster Resources
  5. Examples: Powerpoint template for scientific posters (Swarthmore College)
  6. Examples: Flickr: Poster Sessions

Printing services

Pricing can fluctuate, so please contact these service providers for current rates.

Suggestions, comments, or updates?

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Question: May I use the UCSF logo or the UC official seal on my poster?

Answer: In general, UCSF endorses the use of "at UCSF" in the name of registered campus organizations rather than the University logo because use of the logo implies an official sanction.

Registered campus organizations or individual students working on projects can specify "[organization name] at UCSF" in a headline or in body text, but they may not use UCSF logos, UCSF official typeface families, or anything which attempts to resemble UCSF logos.

Use of the official 2-level logo with tag line or the University of California seal is reserved for official campus use only.

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