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Exam Review Materials

All students in the class of 2014 who complete the Senior Exit Survey are eligible to attend the Law & Clinical Review. Also, the 2014 Rx Prep Course Book has been offered at a discount to members of the Class of 2014.

NAPLEX Review Materials

Although the School of Pharmacy does not endorse any specific review materials for the NAPLEX exam, the following resources are often used in preparation for this exam:

  1. Comprehensive Pharmacy Review, 8th Edition, 2012 (Shargel, et. al); Details: Comprehensive Pharmacy Review.
  2. ASHP PharmPrep: An online, interactive, case-based board review. $30.00 for ASHP members. Details: ASHP PharmPrep.
  3. APhA's Complete Review for Pharmacy: A popular benefit of APhA-ASP membership, provided at no charge, except for a $10 shipping and handling fee, to thousands of final-year student members upon request. Details: Complete Review for Pharmacy.
  4. Pre-NAPLEX: The NABP also offers a Pre-NAPLEX practice exam for US$65.00 (as of March 1, 2014). For details, visit Pre-NAPLEX.
  5. NAPLEX Blueprint: The section called NAPLEX Competency Statements at NAPLEX Blueprint provides an overview of the topics covered on the examination.
  6. RxPrep Course Book: 2014 Edition: This book has been made available at a discount to students in the Class of 2014. Details: RxPrep.

CPJE Review Materials

The Calfornia Board mails you a printed copy of the CPJE Candidate Information Bulletin (PDF, 22 pages, 539 KB) after you submit your Application for California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination for Pharmacists (CPJE) and receive your authorization to test.

More information can be found at Pharmacist Licensure Examinations, including the following outline and sample test questions. These documents require Adobe Reader.


California Specific Examination CPJE Detailed Content Outline
PDF, 3 pages, 67 KB

Sample CPJE Test Questions

Sample CPJE Test Questions
PDF, 4 pages, 52 KB

More Sample CPJE Test Questions

More Sample CPJE Test Questions
PDF, 4 pages, 51 KB

California Law Review Materials

Dr. Ferrone will review his recommended resources for studying the law material at the Law and Clinical Review.

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