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  • E-mail
    What happens to my UCSF e-mail account now? How can I continue communicating with my graduating class?
  • Continuing at UCSF
    What if I will be starting employment, a residency, a fellowship, or some other kind of new affiliation at UCSF or UCSF Medical Center?
  • Computer Software
    Can I keep the software that UCSF provides?
  • Diplomas
    When can I expect my diploma? Who should I contact with questions?
  • Alumni
    As an alum of the School, you're eligible to join the UCSF Alumni Association and receive a wide variety of campus privileges including free and discounted access to libraries, career services, and fitness centers.
  • Receive job postings.
    As an alumna or alumnus of our PharmD program, you may resubscribe to the graduate jobs mailing list at any time. There is no fee charged for this service. Simply contact us with the e-mail address to which you would like job postings to be delivered.

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