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Resolve Spam Problems

This page describes how to resolve problems related to spam for people using UCSF Exchange e-mail. If you don't use UCSF Exchange e-mail (or if you aren't sure if you do), ask your supervisor or your degree program's administration office for assistance.

Two common problems related to spam are:

  1. I'm getting too much spam.
  2. Legitimate messages aren't going into my inbox.

Before you begin

Read How e-mail reaches you (or not), which prepares you to better understand the instructions below.

Resolve spam problems

Do both of the following:

  1. Review and adjust server-side spam filtering settings: Spam Firewall
  2. Review and adjust client-side spam filtering settings (do all that apply to you):
    1. Outlook Web App (aka Webmail)
    2. Microsoft Outlook for Windows

      1. Outlook 2010: Junk e-mail
      2. Outlook 2007: Junk e-mail
    3. Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

      1. Outlook 2011: Customize junk e-mail protection
      2. Filtering Spam in Outlook 2011 (for Macintosh) - Advanced

    If you use an e-mail application other than those listed above, check that application's online help for how to adjust its spam filtering settings.

Still need help?

Contact UCSF Customer Support at 415/514-4100 (available 24x7x365). If possible, be at an internet-connected computer when you call.

Go To: Resolve Spam Problems

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