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School of Pharmacy

UCSF School of Pharmacy
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Information for Current PharmD Students

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Office of Student & Curricular Affairs

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Student Handbook & Policies
Important academic policies and key resources for student pharmacists


Class schedules

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Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


Fall, Pathway declaration process

Fall, Block calendar

Fall HSPR, Fall PSCI, Block calendar

Fall electives, School of Medicine electives (Note: Please refer to the “Inter-Professional Level of Learning” notation to identify courses open to student pharmacists), Academic calendar & holidays, Current and previous year schedules, IRC calendar, All older schedules, Classroom scheduling

Course descriptions

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Fall (FCY1), Winter (WCY1), Spring (SCY1)

Fall (FCY2), Winter (WCY2), Spring (SCY2)

Fall (FCY3), Winter (WCY3), APPEs, Pathways

APPEs, Pathways

Curriculum overview, Pathway overview, Registrar's course catalog

Students forming an Rx

Student Groups, Organizations

Overview, AACP, AMCP, AMCP at UCSF, APhA, APhA-ASP, ASHP, ASCP, ASSP, ASUC, CAPSLEAD, CPhA, CSHP, CSHP at UCSF, Kappa Psi, LAPS, NCPA, Phi Delta Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Preparing a New Generation of Leaders in the Health Professions Initiative, Rho Chi, SNPhA, Conferences, All RCOs

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