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Information for Entering Students

The following information is for students who have accepted an offer of admission to the PharmD program. It describes what you need to do to prepare for classes at UCSF.

Please bookmark this page!

This page provides a handy overview of steps to prepare you for classes in the fall. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for news and updates.

Upon receiving your offer of admission

  1. Pay your registration fee deposit.
    (no later than 2 weeks from the date you accept our offer of admission)
  2. Complete the required background check.
    Follow the instructions outlined in email from Certiphi Screening, Inc.
  3. Submit your Statement of Legal Residence.
    Follow instructions provided by the Office of the Registrar to submit a Statement of Legal Residence. This reserves your place in the incoming class and establishes your residency for tuition purposes.
  4. Apply for financial aid.
    (as soon as possible)
  5. Submit your official transcripts and AP scores.
    (March to September)
  6. Report changes to your current or planned class schedule.

At any time

  1. Notify us when your contact information changes. This includes your mailing address, telephone number, or e-mail address.
  2. Visit the Registrar's New Students site, which contains links related to administrative services for students, such as registration and course enrollment.
  3. After receiving your MyAccess credentials from the Registar and confirming that you can successfully log in to MyAccess, sign up at WarnMe to receive messages about campus emergencies via SMS or e-mail. Details: UCSF Introduces Emergency WarnMe System to Help Safeguard Campus Community.
  4. Explore the Student Inside Guide, a one-stop shop website of resources, services, and information about UCSF and the San Francisco community.
  5. Refer to our Glossary to learn the definitions of acronyms, abbreviations, and other unfamiliar terminology you will encounter.
  6. Direct your family members to Information for Family Members of Students for resources specifically for or related to them.
  7. Contact us for help.

Additional administrative processes

  1. Upload your photo: After receiving your welcome letter, and after activating your MyAccess account using the instructions in the welcome letter, upload your photo at WeID Card. This photo will be used on your UCSF ID card. If you do this before we batch-print ID cards in fall, it will save you valuable time during your orientation activities. If you don't upload your photo, you can have your photo taken on campus, but lines are typically very long since many entering students are trying to get their photos taken in the same short period.
  2. File Student Health Services paperwork.
    (May to August)
  3. Check for holds against your registration.
    (June to September)
  4. Register for fall quarter.
    (mid-August to September)

Preparing for your arrival

  1. Find a place to live.
    (as soon as possible)
  2. Plan to attend orientation activities.
  3. Learn how to get around.
    (March to September)
  4. Learn where to find services.
    (March to September)
  5. Learn about campus security.
    (March to September)

Prepare for classes

  1. Get your computer ready.
    (July to September)
  2. Bookmark Information for Current Students, which you'll use after Orientation to get news, class schedules, calendars, and other helpful links.
  3. Review the academic calendar, core curriculum, Year 1 fall course descriptions, and Class Schedules from last year.
    (March to September)
  4. Check out Getting Started for Students, a guide to library accounts, resources, and services.
    (March to September)
  5. When your P1 fall schedule of classes and fall electives schedule become available, we'll post links to them on the Information for Current Students page in the Class Schedules section. We also post them on the Class Schedules page. Review these to determine class scheduling for fall quarter. Schedules might change, particularly if they say DRAFT on them.
    (June to September)

About textbooks and readers

Information about textbooks and readers will be available at the first meeting of each class. Some classes require textbooks; others use a syllabus or reader prepared by the course director. At Orientation, student orientation counselors will discuss book and materials costs and needs. It is not necessary to purchase these materials before you arrive on campus.

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Today is Thursday, October 30, 2014

July 2014

Tue 1

Computer requirements for fall 2014 are made available on or before July 1.

August 2014

Fri 1

If you are applying for a loan to cover computer equipment costs, you must make your purchase on or after this date. See our computer requirements for fall 2014 for details.

September 2014

to be determined

Registration deadline for Orientation.

Mon 8

Optional pre-orientation activity

Begins Tue 9

Orientation (required)

Thu 18

First day of classes

October 2014

to be determined

Class of 2018 White Coat Ceremony

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