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About accessibility

This page describes how School of Pharmacy websites and have been made more accessible to people with disabilities and to a wide range of devices for the web.

Hearing disabilities

To provide access to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, our sites unfortunately do not yet provide captioning or transcripts for all audio and video. We are working to resolve this problem.

Visual disabilities

People with visual impairments or disabilities need certain accommodations to use websites easily and effectively. For example, some use a screen reader, which identifies what is being displayed and presents it to the user in a form other than a display. Or, some may need to view the site at larger font sizes.

The following features of this website support their needs:

  1. All pages in this site include "skip navigation" links, which enable people using linear delivery user agents to skip through page navigation sections more easily. These links are not displayed to users without visual disabilities, but they are accessible to devices such as screen readers and to those who use the keyboard for primary navigation.
  2. All images include alt tags to provide descriptions to user agents that don't support images or that have images turned off. All images with unimportant content and all images used as spacers for layout use a null string in the alt tag. All graphical bullets use an alt tag of "Item: " or are rendered using list-style-image cascading style sheets (CSS) properties.
  3. All text on this site can be embiggened using zoom features found in modern web browsers.
  4. All text on this site is displayed with high contrast between the text foreground and background colors.

Device independence

People can visit our websites using a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, text-based web browsers, screen readers, aural browsers, refreshable Braille devices, and more.

The following features of this site support device independence to enable greater accessibility to a wider range of devices:

  1. All pages in this site use heading tags correctly for structure rather than presentation.
  2. This site largely avoids the use of tables for layout.
  3. This site uses cascading style sheets to separate structure from presentation.
  4. When user agent support for cascading style sheets is unavailable or disabled, all the same content is still available.

Validation and compliance

  1. All pages in this site are validated against a validation service such as the W3C Markup Validation Service or the Web Design Group Validator to ensure compliance with W3C markup standards.
  2. This site aims to provide Level AAA compliance of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 provided by the World Wide Web Consortium.
  3. This site aims to provide full compliance of the Section 508 guidelines provided by the United States federal government.

This site approaches or meets all 3 of these specifications for most pages, but does not yet claim full compliance for all pages at all levels.


Contact us

To send a comment, ask a question, report a problem, or suggest an overlooked improvement regarding the accessibility of this site, contact Web & Data Services Manager Frank Farm at

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